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Personal Account of Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria – Viewpoint Gwoza!

Visiting with Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Gwoza, North East Nigeria She was sitting on a half built concrete wall gazing into the distance. Although there were women and children milling around. She seemed lost to the world. Unaffected by the noise and beehive of activity around her. She couldn’t have been more than 8 or 9 years old but something about the way she sat pensive, back hunched, chin in palm reminded me of a wizened old woman. Perhaps she felt my gaze upon her for she looked up at that moment and our eyes met. I found myself drawn into the whirlpool of sadness in her large white […]

On the threshold of Victory: Marriage Equality for Lesbian and Gay Couples in Ireland

The Same Sex Marriage Referendum is to hold in Ireland on the 22nd of May this year and the stage seems set for victory for those who have campaigned long and hard for marriage equality. Polls over the years have indicated growing support in Irish society for same sex marriage and these polls strongly reflect the change in societal attitudes to same sex relationships. Ipso/MRBI poll for Irish times in December 2014 showed that 71% of those polled where in favour of same sex marriage as opposed to 17% against it with 9% undecided. The upcoming referendum will provide the opportunity for the people of Ireland to decide whether to […]

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